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Why Join the Elevate Mastermind?

Join an Exclusive Group

Be a part of an exclusive mastermind group who solve problems, create partnerships and grow your business.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Learn from leading professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from inside and outside the cannabis sector.

Build your business

Join a peerless network that will drive referrals, create business opportunities and find solutions to your biggest challenges.

Think Tank

Think Tanks have been around for generations, bringing the best and brightest together to solve grand challenges.

The cannabis industry has more obstacles than just about any industry today which is why we have created Elevate to ensure we can successfully navigate those challenges together. From our exclusive international Slack community, monthly mastermind meetups and business mastery focused experiential events: we elevate our leaders’ experiences in our think tank environments to maximize results. 

We provide the ONLY environment for seamless communication and sharing of knowledge through our premium Slack work space – the only tool suited for this type of community and deal flow.

We rapidly remove bad actors – a serious detriment to the cannabis industry – so that we have a safe, private, productive and growth oriented community. 

Business Accelerator

Elevate brings leaders from inside and outside the cannabis industry to provide their experience and solutions for the challenges that are causing your business to falter or not meet its potential. This is worth the price of membership alone!

The cannabis industry is unique in its challenges but not in all of its core business models or operational requirements – they’ve been solved before! Elevate will provide the resources of expertise, partnerships, referrals and connections to overcome any challenge your company faces to dramatically accelerate your businesses goals. 

Imagine having the best in business sending referrals your way and vice versa – having the best in the business as a resource and partner in growing our industry together. Our referral network is the best in the industry and exclusive to Elevate members.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Elevate is the most knowledgeable group of leaders, bar none, in the entire cannabis industry. Education and collaboration are the keys to creating the next TRILLION dollar global industry that cannabis has the potential to be. We share our experiences, our resources and bring in the best and brightest; you will agree that our knowledge base is peerless.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

From banking, capital, and financing solutions to the latest medical information, amazing marketing and data insights, Elevate members will know it first and how to do it best.  You will be able to maximize your company’s competitive edge and be empowered to share it with your partners and network. Your personal board of advisors – with access to knowledge and expertise few others have at their fingertips – are just one Slack chat away!


Experiential Events

Partner and Network with the best in the cannabis industry at exclusive events with global thought leaders.


Peerless Network

Focus on the connections that provide results and immediate access to skills and knowledge to solve any problem with like-minded professionals.


Grow Together

With our extensive network and deep cannabis industry connections - our deal flow is superb with endless opportunity in our rapidly growing industry.

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Are you ready to be apart of the first and only cannabis mastermind and think tank to take you, your company and the industry to the next levels?